American Laser Fab
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American Laser Fab's Capabilities



Our advanced 3-D capable CAD in the hands of our expert staff can make your ideas become reality. Of all the services we provide, our ability to turn even the crudest drawings into actual language from which to cut or bend may be our most important. It is there in the blueprint stage, that we provide our customers with the best view of what will take place. Our technology and software are state-of-the-art, cutting down on time and money. If you're open to it, we may even make suggestions. After all, we are a solutions provider.

Laser Cutting


Nothing on earth compares to an industrial CO2 Laser cutting machine making fast, precision, clean cuts in the hardest metals. Our computer-controlled Mitsubishi CO2 Laser can slice through the hardest metal just as simply as it cuts through soft plastic. It produces surgically precise cuts limited only to the controlled width of the beam. Unlike flame or plasma cutting, lasers are unparalleled for producing edge quality by minimizing the heat-affected-zone.



Preserving strength in metal means bending it only once. Our technologically advanced 10 foot 135 ton CNC press brake is a computer controlled tool system that is strategically applied to produce perfection for your most valued projects. From he simple two-bend channel to the complicated 30 bend custom stainless steel welded enclosure; we can meet your requirements and shipping needs.



We are M.I.G. and T.I.G. welders able to work with all thickness and types of metals, including stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steels and aluminum. We use cutting-edge inverter technology that produces seamless, uniform joints.